Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I've talked about this before.  C.L.U.E.  The Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange.  This exchange is managed by Lexisnexis Risk Solutions.  Insurance companies report all claims to this exchange.  They collect these claims and score you on them.  They include auto, property, business, etc.  Don't just assume they only collect insurance information. They collect all sorts of information about you. Your business, claim history, judgements, claims and much more. What you may not know is they also provide this information to the public if you request it.  Now they aren't going to provide you with all the info they have on you, because you haven't been cleared through their intense background checks, or paid for the information.  Now all this is not what I want to focus on.  It's too much information that I am not familiar with and frankly, nothing I can do to suppress it.  What I do want to cover is your Homes insurance claims.  

You may have had some insurance claims on your property or business in the past few years.  If you did, they are listed on the C.L.U.E list.  LexisNexis retains and reports these claims to insurance companies that are members of C.L.U.E.  Now let me get to my specific point.  Bear with me.
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You have a storm that comes through and a bunch of roof signs start showing up on telephone polls in your neighborhood.  You're at home about to eat supper and a knock at the door. After getting up from the table and pushing aside your yapping Boston Terrier, you open the door to find a guy telling you he is there for your roof inspection.  You are puzzled and don't understand, so he explains your neighbors all were hit by the storm and you probably have roof damage and blah blah blah...To get rid of him and back to the table, you say, take a look.  After a couple of minutes the knock is back and we repeat the scenario.  He tells you that you have damage and you need to call your insurance carrier.  He tries to pressure you into a form, saying how he will take care of everything,blah blah. ....  You call your adjuster.  They ask you if a roofer has been out.  You say yes.  They schedule the adjuster.  The adjuster comes and sees no damage.  Now you call the roofer and he says, well, your neighbors have damage.  You call the adjuster again.  He wants to meet the roofer.  The roofer shows up and can't find damage, because, the roofer has nothing to lose by telling you to make the call.  You don't know it, but this is going to cost you.  A couple of weeks go by and you get a letter from the insurance company telling you that they didn't find any damage.  Guess what.  Lexisnexis now list your name and address as having a claim.  It doesn't say "you made a call and the adjuster says nothing was found to be damaged"  It says, OH, I see you had a claim a couple of months ago.  This is the problem.  With this report, if you call to get another insurance quote, they are going to see this as a claim.  Now, don't get to hot.  I'm going to tell you something that will help.  How do I know?  Because I've had this happen to so many clients, I did some research.

Lexisnexis has on their website, the ability to sign in and add to your report that the claim was denied and they found no damage.  Now my question is, does this actually mean the next insurance quote, will see that as a non claim?  I'm not so sure. Now I got this from a pretty good source, but haven't confirmed it.  The Fair Accurate Credit Transaction Act, which allowed us to get a copy of our credit report, free, once a year, also applies to the C.L.U.E.  I like to trust my sources, but we'll see.  It's worth a try.

Go on the Lexisnexis website and look at how you can clean up the information that has been reported on you.  Listing a claim, when you simply made a call.  You can get a copy of your report on their site.  You can also sign up to suppress information that they share.  You can't suppress their paying customers, but you can the general public.                            https://www.lexisnexis.com/privacy

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Discount Roofing and the Metal Roof

This past year I worked on an office building in downtown Humble.  We installed a metal roof where a composition roof was failing.  I've always shopped around for the best deal, not just for me, but for the property owner.  I was pretty amazed to see the difference in pricing for the exact same panel.  Every manufacture makes panels that resemble others, they just call them something different.  After shopping 5 dealers that I use, I found one that saved my customer almost $1600.  It was alot of time on the phone, but it was truly a win. 

When you shop for a metal roof, make sure you compare the panels to each manufacture.  Some panels may look the same, but may not have a foot or base on one side, making them less expensive.  These cheaper panels, also will show the seam more than a footed panel.  Make sure the panel you choose is designed for open purlins or a sheeted deck.  You'll find yourself in trouble if you purchase a panel that requires a solid deck and you have open purlins.

Roof Dryer Vent Clogged

     Designs for homes have changed when it comes to the dryer vent piping.  Traditional homes thru the 80's saw the vent run out the side of the house.  Laundry rooms were designed near the garage, or near an outside wall.  Now, architects choose the roof to vent the hot air.  It becomes a problem when you have laundry rooms in the middle of a home, or as I see in some homes, more than one laundry.  Unless there was a plan to vent thru the slab, you have to send it up.  
     Dryer vents have very fine threads of your clothing that is lost in every wash.  Next time you clean your dryer vent, put one drop of water on the lint.  This causes the lint to become solid.  That's what happens on the roof vent.  The moisture that is present outside, eventually causes the lint to solidify.  Rain makes it even worse. When the vent begins to clog, you dryer no longer is efficient.  It will either blow the line loose, this is what you hope happens, or the dryer will burn itself up.  If you notice your dryer taking longer to do the job, or it smells like its burning.  Make sure to check the vent.  Sometimes they will blow off in the attic and spread lint all over.  Code requires that dryers vent to the outside.  Venting in the attic is a no no.  
     When I replace roofs, I always check the vent to make sure it's clean.  I've tried all the roof vents to see if any perform any better.  Not really.  The ones with a flapper door end up getting lint stuck, not allowing the door to close off.  Eventually they clog.  It's just one of those things your going to have to deal with.  Call your roofer or handyman to check your vent for you.  Very rare do I find the whole pipe is a problem.  Normally it's just the vent.  Take it apart and clean it.  Put it back on.  

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Discount Roofing Cupola Install, Willis

(kyou' puh luh)  Its a funny name and most people don't know what to call it.  Some are big enough that I've crawled inside them.  Others are simple, lightweight and strictly visual.  The latest option I've seen is using them to put your alarm system speaker or as a ventilation option.  When using them as a ventilation option, it can be simply passive or a powered fan, placed inside that pulls air out of the attic.  

If you have a carpenter with some patience and time, they are simple to build.  The other option is to purchase a prefab one for your homes pitch. The 
ready made ones, are always easier to install because they are much lighter.  Cost starts at $100 -
$500 for a nice, clean cupola.

If you have a long ridge, or a plain looking area of your roof, consider installing one.  It can really change the look.  The one pictured here, was ordered and installed when the home was built.  The 
weathervane option makes for a neat conversation, but like this one, we had to remove it and fasten it properly.  It took a little rebuilding, but if it had been installed properly the first time, it would have given many years of service.   

Monday, September 30, 2013

Conroe Texas Roofing

Going through the drought for the last couple of years, has hidden alot of leaks on homes.  The small rains don't seem to show the problems until it's rotted the structure below it.  When working on any area that seems to be unusual, look for someone experienced in waterproofing products that actually work.  Reading the back of the bag of shingles is one thing, but waterproofing a flat roof patio or home is another.  We understand these issues and have a product that delivers solutions. 
Texas Discount Roofing provides a material and labor warranty above any local roofing companies.
Our experience and years of satisfied customers tops any company in Montgomery County. Years of quality service are what keep the phones ringing everyday.We are a registered corporation with the State of Texas.  Call or email us for a free, no hassle, professional estimate.  www.shingleman.com
Texas Discount Roofing services Montgomery, Walker, San Jacinto, Liberty, Grimes and Polk Counties.

Note:  If you have any questions about a project or just need some direction, email me and I will gladly help you out.  My email box is constantly getting questions, so bear with me and I will respond as quickly as possible.  Eating lunch, so back to work!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Residential Flat Roof Solutions

For years Discount Roofing, struggled to find a quality flat roof material to install, on what we considered, true, no slope roofs. The modifieds work fine when some sort of pitch is available. Be it GTA or GMS, dealing with modifieds in the winter also was a real problem. A GMS couldn’t be applied properly. Now the modifieds have evolved into the peel and seal. They too work fine when dealing with some slope, but none of these will accept ponding of any type.
The old Type 3 asphalt was messy and smelled the neighborhood. With a cap sheet it seemed to work for a while, but any movement of the home and the old type 3 asphalt cracked like peanut brittle. Any of these cap sheets that have a polyester, modified base will not last with any type of ponding. This led Discount Roofing to search for a product that I felt good installing. This led to EPDM.
I’ve been installing EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) since 1997. It’s the one product that allows me and the customer to sleep well during a rain storm. I’ve never had a call back on an EPDM roof install. Texas Discount Roofing finished this boat house on Lake Conroe, eliminating years of problems with the old tar and gravel roof. Ponding problems are no problem with this product. Picture an innertube material and that’s essentially what you have. It is available in many different sizes and we try to eliminate as many seams as possible. Our next EPDM install is a flat roof home in River Plantation. We will be removing a Tar and Gravel and installing a much better roof, that the owner will eventually install a floating deck on top of. We’ve had a working relationship with one of the top deck builders on Lake Conroe for the past 15yrs. We are happy to refer him to finish out your flat roof deck.Texas Discount Roofing LLC, can solve your residential roofing problems.www.shingleman.com   936.756.9223